Conference Schedule

THURSDAY, March 13th

Preludes: On the Politics and Poetics of Black Atlantic Pedagogy
Location: Segal Theater
Time: 4:00pm–5:15pm; reception to follow, 5:15–6:00pm

  • Introduction:  Ricardo Gamboa
  • Panel Conversation with Herman Bennett, Kandice Chuh, Duncan Faherty, and Robert Reid-Pharr
  • Discussants: Kristina Huang and Frances Tran


FRIDAY, March 14th

Registration, Check-In & Continental Breakfast
Location: Room 5414
Time: 8:00am–8:40am

Opening Keynote- David Scott
Location: Skylight Room, 9th Floor
Time: 8:45am–10:15am

  • Opening Remarks: Kristina Huang
  • Introduction to David Scott: Gordon Barnes
  • Keynote Address: David Scott, “Stuart Hall’s Voice”

Session 1 (10:30am–12:00pm) 

A. The Poetics of Diasporic Memory 
Respondent: Annmarie Drury (Queens College)
Location: Skylight Room, 9th Floor

  • Tova Cooper, “The Transatlantic Voyage and the Memory of Slavery in DuBois’s Steerage Diary”
  • Paul Hebert, “The Postmodern Slave Narrative and the Production of Diaspora”
  • Tristan Striker, “Snatching the Laurel From Their Heads: Phillis Wheatley’s Complex Mnemonic Poetics”

B. Black Atlantic Temporalities 1: The Body in Time 
Respondent: Kelly Josephs (York College)

Location: Room 9207

  • Evelyn Soto, “‘Turbulent as a Ship’s Wake’: Wounds of Racialization in Amitav Ghosh’s Sea of Poppies”
  • Wendy Tronrud, “‘A Message by the Atlantic Cable’: Doing Time, Incarceration and Freedom in William Walker and Thomas Gaines’s Buried Alive (Behind Prison Walls) For a Quarter of a Century: Life of William Walker (1892)”
  • Alexandre White, “Engaging a Black Atlantic Futurity: Exploring Double Consciousness within the frame of HIV/AIDS”

Session 2 (1:15pm–2:30pm) 

A. Systems in Motion: Circulations and Populations of the Black Atlantic 
Respondent: Jacqueline Brown (Hunter College)
Location: Room 9207

  • Kesi Amandla Augustine, “The Impossibility of African American Humanity in Amitav Ghosh’s Sea of Poppies”
  • Frances Tran, “A Coolie Woman’s Pacific Passage: Re-negotiating the Discursive Space of the Black Atlantic”
  • Tao Wei, “Metropole, Colony, and the Slave Trade in British Atlantic World: The Case of Henry Laurens, 1744–1765”

B.  Images and (Re)Figurations of Race and Historical Representation
Respondent: Danica Savonick (Graduate Center)

Location: Skylight Room (9th Floor)

  • Emily T. Bauman, “Black Atlantic, White Zombie”
  • Elena C. Munoz, “The Significance of the Black Madonna and the Orisha Yemaya in Cuban Plantation Culture”
  • Lauren Bailey,”The Object of ‘[T]rue Luster and Whiteness’: The Racialized Beauty of Oriental Pearls in Early Modern England”

Session 3 (2:45pm–4:00pm)

A. Black Atlantic Temporalities 2: Exposure, Alternate Worlds, Other Collectives 
Respondent: Paul Fess (Graduate Center)
Location: Room 9207

  • Jalaine N. Lindsley Weller, “Crossing the River. The Collective Atlantic as Utopian Sociability and Dystopian Slavocracy”
  • Timothy Griffiths, “(Not) On Black Atlantic Time”
  • Matthew Knip, “Pirate Heterotopias and the Black Atlantic”

B. Beneatha’s Place in The Black Atlantic (stage performance) 
Respondent: Hilarie Ashton (Graduate Center)
Location: Room 9206

  • Donatella Galella (director), “Beneatha’s Place in The Black Atlantic: A Staged Reading of Excerpts from Beneatha’s Place by Kwame Kwei-Armah”
  • Tonya Foster – Dean Beneatha Asagai-Younger
    Shane Breaux – Prof. Mark Bond
    Janet Werther – Dr. Harriet Banks
    Christopher Silsby – Prof. Gary Jacobs
    Colin Ashley – Wale Oguns

C. Re-mapping the Black Atlantic
Respondent: Tanya Agathocleous (Hunter College)
Location: Skylight Room (9th Floor)

  • Jarvis C. McInnis, “The Self-Determining Global Black South: Booker T. Washington, Zora Neale Hurston, and the US Occupation of Haiti”
  • Anjuli I. Gunaratne, “The Black Atlantic Epic: Literary Form and its Undoing”
  • Marshall Smith, “Call and Response: Resisting Erasure in the French Black Atlantic”

Session 4 (4:30pm–5:45pm)

A. Black Atlantic Moral Economies, Past and Present 
Respondent: Melissa Phruksachart (Graduate Center)
Location: Room 9207

  • Ian Green, “The Invisible Hand: Olaudah Equiano and the Economics of Fate and Transformation”
  • Kristina Huang, “Quobna Ottobah Cugoano’s Moral Philosophy”
  • Justin Rogers-Cooper, “Ocean on Fire: Incendiarism and the Moral Economy of the Black Atlantic”

B. Soundings of the Black Atlantic: Politics, Music, and Countercultural Formations 
Respondent: Jeremy Glick (Hunter College)
Location: Skylight Room, 9th Floor

  • Ashna Ali, “Incommensurable Identities: Muslim punk rock and the impossible lives of Taqwacore”
  • Maryam Parhizkar, “‘We Sing This Song to Abolish Sorrow’: Joyful Noise and the Politics of Transfiguration”
  • Conor Tomás Reed, “‘Tusks, Sunflowers, Alphabets, and a Battery with Drowned Wasps’: Federico García Lorca and the Diasporic Duende

Closing Keynote- Sibylle Fischer
Location: Skylight Room, 9th Floor
Time: 6:00pm–7:15pm

  • Closing Remarks: Kristina Huang
  • Introduction to Sibylle Fischer: Tristan Striker
  • Keynote Address: Sibylle Fischer, “Specters of Haiti”

Conference Reception
Location: English Lounge, Room 4406
Time: 7:15pm–8:00pm

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